Bar and cafeteria

Coffees and Coffee Recipes


Let yourself be surprised by the Nespresso coffee range that offers a great choice of flavors to please everyone. Thirteen types of coffees available, whether you like a strong or more subtle coffee.

Intense ristretto: a dense coffee, of exceptional intensity, with a creamy texture and special notes.

Espresso origin Brazil: a smooth texture and a sweet flavor that is enhanced by a note of lightly roasted beans.

Lungo leggero: a very aromatic coffee with delicate floral notes reminiscent of jasmine.

Come see us and discover the rest of the flavors we have.

Coffee recipes

To surprise you, we have selected for you a range of creative coffee recipes. Here are some:

Latte macchiato: a smooth mixture of hot milk and milk foam with a shot of coffee.

Nespresso bonbon: coffee recipe with a chocolate base and creamy hot milk foam.

Caramel framboise: delicious coffee recipe with caramel and a touch of raspberry.

Plus, we offer takeout service, so you can enjoy your coffee in peace or take it with you on a hike.

Juices and Teas


Here at the campsite, we always strive to offer the freshest products possible. We offer you 100% natural juices squeezed to order. Let yourself be surprised by its freshness.

Detox breakfast: a sweet, acidic smoothie with a powerful antioxidant.

Yellow purifying: deliciously acidic and purifying, helps cleanse the system.

Beauty green: deliciously soft and sweet, enjoy a delicious and very healthy juice!

Immunizing orange: a sweet, antioxidant and immunizing juice.

Energizing yellow: a very tasty, slightly sweet and very refreshing smoothie!


To satisfy all tastes, you can count on our selection of 13 teas and infusions. Come discover the different flavors such as:

Forest fruits: aromas and sweetness will make it unrepeatable.

Chun mee green tea: fragrant and delicate.

Ceylon mango: exotic fusion to savor with peace of mind.