Occasional activities

Foto actividades ocasionales

Cavall de Mar has activities that are not fixed but we usually do them regularly, so we do not want to miss the opportunity to list them so that our clients know that the offer always ends up being much broader, although we are always willing to listen to new suggestions or ideas .

Icono gincana


Destined for the little ones, where we take them on a tour of the entire campsite in search of the "lost treasure."

Icono guerra de agua

Water war

Authentic pitched battles that we carry out with balloons and water guns that we usually carry out on the soccer field.

Icono minidisco

Mini disco

Activity intended for children that usually takes place in the late afternoons one day a week.

icono domino

Board game tournaments

Both dominoes and poker.

Icono bingo


Logo petanca

Petanque tournament

Every year, the activities change, we invite you to follow us on both Facebook and Instagram.